Croydon Corriedales & Suffolks at Condah, Victoria

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 2022 Drop Corriedale & Suffolk Rams
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Croydon was founded in 1983 as Narambah with the purchase of ewes and a ram from Ken & Margaret Moreton's Wahroonga Park, with the first lambing in 1984.  In 1985 Maluka 504/83 was added from Bill Secker along with some cast for age ewes the following year.  Also in 1985, ewes from Wood Park were added. In 1988 the complete Mullumbimby Stud of Gerald Wilson (formerly Puunyart) was acquired, strongly based on Stanbury blood. After a trip to the South Island of New Zealand in 1987 the Stud saw an A.I. program begin with the first lambs being born in 1989 with semen from the world renowned Strathblane. Six Strathblane rams have been used by A.I. over 34 years as well as Strathblane 392/10 who was physically imported in 2012. The combination of these great Strathblane rams have elevated Croydon sheep in all aspects. In 2003 the stud was moved from Derrinallum to Condah, with the stud name changing to the new property name of Croydon. In 2005 Croydon purchased the Reserve Champion ram at Bendigo Sheep Show from Quamby Plains. Croydon continues to breed sheep which are structurally sound, true to type, with heavy emphasis on constitution and are commercially viable.

The Suffolk stud was founded in 2007 as Breakaway, before being renamed as Croydon, with top genetics from Deppeler Suffolks. The main aim is to provide both Croydon and outside clients with meat sheep which are easy lambing, with high growth rates and an abundance of muscle.

Private On-Property Ram Sales

Phone Mike for an inspection 0408 334 258 Croydon, 202 Condah-Macarthur Rd, Condah Vic 3303

Corriedale Rams

Corriedale Rams Aug/Sep 2022 drop August Shorn with Micron and Fleece Weight

Suffolk Rams

Suffolk Rams Aug/Sep 2022 drop

  • 202 Condah-Macarthur Road, Condah Vic 3303